GDP113 Typography


Description - Type is everywhere

Typography is the art of designing with type, which is an important form of visual communication.
This semester we will discuss typography and it's impact on design and it's importance in communicating.

This introductory course provides a basic understanding of the effective use of type. Emphasis will be on the use of typography in graphic design. Topics will include the history of type, the aesthetic qualities of letterforms, the anatomy of the letter, typeface and style, and compositional arrangement.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
.... understand the origin of the alphabet
.... identify the parts of a letter
.... define basic type measurements
.... describe the five families of type
.... explain the difference between readability and legibility of type
.... choose appropriate fonts, styles, point sizes, linespacing
.... develop a sense of aesthetics for typography
.... explain and execute copyfitting
.... identify well designed type layouts
.... identify particular fonts by name

Reading assignments

Includes assigned book readings, website references, and pdf text supplied by the instructor.

Instructor may change exercises or projects or quiz dates at her discretion.

All projects and materials will be made available at the beginning of each unit and not before that.
You must save all your assignments as Indesign Packages and store the packages in more than one location (one on your computer, another somewhere else) and submit them as PDF files. You will submit digital files in the “Work Due” course folder on the transfer drive. All projects must be submitted on time. If you wish to re-do a project, you may only re-submit the project by the following week of receiving the returned grade.

Projects MUST be submitted by the DUE DATE in order to be resubmitted.
No exceptions.

Late Assignments -

Any assignment that is one week late will receive one full grade lower (-10 points) and 2 weeks late will receive 2 grades lower (-20 points). NO assignment may be turned in after 2 weeks late. Again, no late assignments can be resubmitted for a better grade. Redone assignments can only receive a maximum grade of 90 (out of 100).


Your final grade will be based on:
50% Projects (Some projects may carry more weight than others.)
10% Attendance and Participation
25% Quizzes and Applied Midterm and Final
15% Process Book Final Submission

A 100-90:
Only expect an A if work is exceptional. This means that the project must be
completed and presented in a professional manner. It has to stand up against
the best.

B 89-80
Work that goes further than the project requires. Concept, and composition
show extra merit.

C 79-70
Competent work. Basic requirements of project are met.

D 69-65
Work which does not meet project requirements and is poor in concept,
execution or composition.

F 64
Work which is completed below standard or work not handed in.

Software -
The Graphic Design classes require the use of some or all of the following software
to complete assignments:
The Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4)
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign.

There are many hours outside of class that will be required to complete assignments. You will need access to Adobe Creative Suite Software on your own computer — or you may use the Digital Arts Center Computer lab. You will need Adobe Creative Suite Software to accomplish these assignments successully.

Lab Hours
There are hours outside of the class which you are able to use the Digital Arts Center Computer lab. The hours are posted on the door. It is important to remember that the Graphic Design classes focus on creativity and design using the software as tools to produce your ideas. You will be learning the basics of the software as you work through the assignments. We will be learning specific functions within Illustrator and Photoshop and Indesign. It is NOT NECESSARY to know these programs, again, you will be learning as you work through the assignments.

Class attendance and participation in the forums is very important as your participation will be graded. Please notify me by email if you will are sick or have a valid reason that you cannot do your work or attend(such as a death in the family!). You are missed when you are not participating. School policy allows for no more than 5 absenses. More than 5 may automatically be an F in the class. If you leave at the break or before class is over you may be marked as absent.

Attendance for Online Classes:
It is your obligation to LOGIN and participate in this course EVERY WEEK during this semester.
More than two weeks without logging into this course may result in a drop from this class.
A minimum of five hours of work per week online is anticipated but you will find that as many as seven or eight might be needed for some assignments and readings.
Please email immediately if you are experiencing problems or special circumstances.

Course Materials and Supplies

The following text are required and can be purchased online or is available immediately in the bookstore.

Type Rules by Ilene Strizver - required

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Websites, Videos, Printing and Other Creative Services, by Bobbi Balderman
2006, Maram Press

Yes, I wrote this book. It is NOT required but it is a very handy guide whether you are a designer or the client. It is available in the SBCC student store, at Amazon or from me directly at

Materials you will need for class:
• A spiral bound journal to accumulate your creative scribblings, mock-ups and thumbnails, and thoughts.(online students will scan, save as jpgs and upload images)

• Paper such as a layout paper pad or sketchbook to do thumbnails(online students will scan, save as jpgs and upload images)

Digital:(Onliine students will not need a storage device BUT Xythos is great option to store working files and as backup)

• A portable storage device in order to work on the computer in class and to continue exercises at home and in the DAC lab.

• IPOD is an excellent storage device, $150 for 2 gig storage.

• Mini USB Flash Drive- 50MB and up —
Priced about $20 and up
[Another good device but not as reliable as the iPod.]

• Xythos - This is accessed through Pipeline and provides online storage for SBCC students. It is the best way to back-up work since there is no device to fail!

book cover





miniflash drive


For Bobbi Balderman -
ONLY use the e-mail or the forum through Moodle to reach me. Use to notify me of emergencies or other pertinent information only if your Moodle is not working.

[My computer filters out email addresses that are not in my address book. Put SBCC in your subject line in order for me to "see" your email!]


Liz Russotti -
I will check Moodle email in the morning and late afternoon. If you need a more immediate response it is best to email outside of Moodle at, which I check often during the day.

Weekends - After 5pm on Fridays I will not be "automatically" available. I do check both Moodle and email often during the weekend but can't promise a "timely" response. ;>

DSPS — Disabled Student Programs & Services

SBCC Students with Disabilities who are requesting accommodations should use the following SBCC procedure: contact the DSPS office, submit documentation of your disability to the DSPS office, communicate with a DSPS specialist regarding options for services and accommodations, and reach written accommodation agreement not only with the DSPS specialist but also with your instructor. SBCC requests you complete this process at least ten working days before your accommodation is needed, in order to allow DSPS staff and SBCC instructors time to provide your accommodation.

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)
DSPS office: Student Services Building, room 160.
Phone: (805) 965 0581 ext 2364 OR (805) 730 4164
TTY: (805) 962 4084
FAX: (805) 884 4966

Class & Lab Rules

Turn off all cell phones or pagers, do not check personal e-mail or surf the web during class or lab.
Please leave your space neat and clean at the end of class.

About Bobbi Balderman

If you want to know a little about me you can go to

I am pleased to be teaching Graphic Design Basics. I look forward to working with you to maximize your comfort, skills and knowledge of the many facets of computer graphics and design.

“Questions are the creative acts of intelligence.”
~ Dr. Frank Kingdon

Like everything, the more you put into the class, the more you will get out of it. I look forward to active participation, questions and feedback from you. We can all learn from one another as we move through the breadth of materials and projects during the year.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
~ Albert Einstein

I hope that my passion for both the graphic arts profession and teaching, along with the shear awe and ambitious use of the creative tools we have available — will help you enjoy and be motivated to dive into the many areas we cover in this course.

I look forward to working with each of you.

Bobbi Balderman

A little bit about my Philosophy in life....

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence is a habit, not an act."

I truly believe that hard work, perseverence and creativity are the keys to success in all you do in life. Human beings are essentially a creative species.
The human mind is designed to create.
I believe it is my job to help each of my students discover their strenghs and weaknesses and to help keep each one motivated. I will try to inspire you and encourage you to go beyond what you feel is your best. I'll be encouraging you to dig deep, to challenge yourself and discover that you have the ability to be/do more than you ever realized.
Any class you take during your educational career will require you to think and make decisions. I will expect you to think critically about various issues; concepts, design, layout, creativity, ethics as it relates to media, and to participate in class discussions and ask questions and even to challenge my responses.
Let me know that your brain is working!
Always remember that the true success of anything you do in life lies in your ability to
question, seek answers and work hard.
Never settle for mediocrity.
You deserve better than that.
I hope this semester will be successful and enjoyable.

I look forward to working with each of you. liz sig.

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